Album: Continuous Hole LP

Artist: Drew Daniel & John Wiese

Label: Gilgongo

Release Date: May 04, 2018


The Upshot: As the press sheet announces, “Without using any sampling or MIDI sequencing, the rhythmic cuts evoke the tempo/BPM of footwork, juke or gabber, but they are constructed entirely from volcanic, gnarled abstraction, and eschew typical genre elements.” Amen.


… and on the 8th day, God created dissonance…

Minus any reliable reference points, I am loathe to pass even tentative judgment on such a challenging platter —all 11-songs/36-minutes/heavyweight-black-vinyl of it— but duty compels me to sing the song analog ‘lectric. The names above the title here, Mssrs. Daniel and Wiese, hail from known (though perhaps not altogether understood) quantities Matmos/The Soft Pink Truth and Sissy Spacek, respectively. Allied under one self-produced, Thomas Dimuzio-mastered banner, the duo constructs abstract, disorienting soundscapes destined to flummox the easygoing listener, but thrill adventure seekers for whom a musical mandate necessarily involves plundering any and all available uneasy listening.

I’ll admit to rank admiration here, of the so-uncommercial-it’s-downright-musical aesthetic on display; with concentration, the rhythmic intensity of the record threatens to turn martial, as if a high school football game’s halftime performance by the marching band had gone rogue. Disorientation is the order of the day, however, and within these analog grooves—pun intended—resides a deeply satisfying form of sonic subversion.

This mostly improvised set is apparently the end result of 10 years’ worth of SF, LA, and Baltimore home recording sessions. That’s 120 months spent, on and off, collaborating in both real time and as digital avenues permit. What, one might ask, would be the result if time constraints were, mmm, mere hours?

Preview the album: https://helicopter.bandcamp.com/album/continuous-hole

DOWNLOAD: Well, where should I start….

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