Dreamdate – Patience

January 01, 1970





is the first I’d heard of this Oakland,
California trio though they have
a previous full-length (Come Over Now on the Chocolate Covered Records
label from 2007) and a 7″ as well.  Jumping to Portland-based Skywriting
Records label for its 2nd release, the label is now batting .1000
with its prior release of the terrific debut by Swedish pop band Cloetta Paris.
 Dreamdate is led by the Yea-Ming Chen (guitars/vocals) and Anna Hilburg
(bass/vocals), two best friends who sound like they have been playing together
for years (and probably finish each other’s sentences too). Upon first listen I
immediately began thinking of the defunct Vancouver,
BC trio Cub (which occasionally
included a pre-fame Neko Case in its lineup) so no surprise that they do a Cub
cover on here (“Go Fish”).


record varies nicely from the jangly, lo-fi pop of the opener “How Low Are
You?” to the dreamy acoustic tune “Tour Song” (where they drop the
f-bomb)  to “Have I Told You?” which starts off all Tiger Trap on us but
then the guitars kick in and it gets all Versus on our ass. That’s just the first
three cuts and the remaining songs are a nice mix of those styles and I can
always appreciate a band who don’t go for sameyness and instead can mix it up
(and the girls voices blend together perfectly throughout the record). This is
one of those records that any music fan would have a hard time not liking.


“How Low Are You?”, “Tour Song”, “Wait For You”, “Patience”




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