Album: These Times

Artist: Dream Syndicate

Label: Anti-

Release Date: May 03, 2019


It would probably be a mistake to declare there’s a Paisley Pop revival, but given the resurgence of bands like The Bangles, The Three O’Clock, and the Rain Parade (reference the recent release of a coop album called 3X4 which found all the aforementioned outfits curiously covering each other’s songs), a case could be made that the time is right for a comeback. The one-two punch of 2017’s How Did I Find Myself Here and its follow up How We Found Ourselves… Everywhere! certainly indicated a willingness to keep their renewed efforts moving forward, and given mainstay Steve Wynn’s willingness to put his prolific solo career on hold, a permanent new chapter in the band’s trajectory appears altogether possible. With drummer Dennis Duck and keyboard player Chris Cavacas playing their parts and fellow traveler Stephen McCarthy of Rain Parade making a nominal appearance on backing vocals, the pieces do seem in place to keep the pieces in place.

Happily then, These Times finds the band on familiar turf. The psychedelic sheen that  pervaded their seminal work is still largely in place, as evidenced by such songs “The Way In,” “Black Light,” The Whole World’s Watching” and “Treading Water Underneath the Stars” in particular. There’s a certain din that elevates the arrangements, adding a wry yet restless undertow to the proceedings overall. Imagine Lou Reed back at the. helm of the Velvet Underground and you get a basis for comparison. Granted, it’s hard to compete with such seminal classics as The Days of Wine and Roses and Medicine Show, but with most of their talent in tow, there’s no reason to think greater glories don’t await down the road.
DOWNLOAD: “The Way In,” “Black Light,” The Whole World’s Watching”

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