DRAG THE RIVER – Drag The River

Album: Drag The River

Artist: Drag The River

Label: Xtra Mile

Release Date: November 05, 2013

Drag the River 11-5



 It’s not easy being a Drag the River fan. The Colorado alternative country band has put out a slew of songs over their almost two decades together (with breaks in between). It’s just that the music always seems to come in spurts, with their last proper studio album surfacing in 2008. But damn, they certainly are doing their best to make up for the wait.

 Anchored by co-founders Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price, despite both being veteran punk rockers, they have never tried to hide the fact that Drag the River is, at its core, a country band (or Mid-Western band as Snodgrass likes to tag it).There are plenty of Americana touches on this, their latest self-titled effort, like the pedal steel on “Here’s to the Losers” and Like Longfellows,” so it won’t be shock to the system of longtime fans of the band. Snodgrass and Price also still take turns standing in front of the mic.

 But while there’s still plenty here that would please everyone from Waylon to Willie, this latest album is also probably their most straight ahead rock and roll record. The first two tracks, the road song “Wichita Skyline” and “Not That Kind.” are a one-two sonic punch that set the tone for what follows.

 It may still be a shot and beer soundtrack, but don’t be surprised if there’s a raucous bar fight at some point.

 DOWNLOAD: “Wichita Skyline,” “Ghosts of High School” and “Here’s to the Losers”


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