Dr. Dog – Be the Void

January 01, 1970





Six record into it, psychedelic Philly rockers Dr. Dog have
found their groove and damn it sounds fine. Be
the Void
opens with the lazy syncopated rhythm of “Lonesome” that gets into
your head for days, and continues to churn out one solid track after another of
back porch strum-along, sing-along rock ditties like a cross between The Black
Crowes and The Band.


They pick it up at times with more raucous numbers like
“These Days” and with The Fugees-worthy funk of “Do the Trick” (featuring the
best cowbell cameo of the year). Guitarist Scott McMicken described the
recording process as “these fearless weirdoes in the basement…” and he pretty
much nailed it there. Unpretentious with little concern for what will resonate
with indie kids or car commercial audiences (‘cause let’s face it, that’s the
MTV of 2012), Dr. Dog put to wax a dozen rock tunes that simply sound like a
band caught up in an epic jam session. Who else could come up with a lyric like
“You’re as tempting and savage as
Marcellus shale” (“Vampire”)?   


There’s not an obvious departure from their last few
releases, but there doesn’t need to be as the band has settled comfortably into
their sound.


DOWNLOAD: “Lonesome,”
“Get Away,” “Vampire”   JOHN B. MOORE


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