THE DOUGH ROLLERS – Gone Baby Gone EP + “Little Lily” b/w “The Sailing Song” 7”

Album: Gone Baby Gone EP + “Little Lily” b/w “The Sailing Song” 7”

Artist: Dough Rollers

Label: Third Man

Release Date: November 11, 2014

Dough Rollers 11-11


L.A.’s Dough Rollers dropped their “Little Lily” 45 (pictured below) last year as part of Third Man’s cut-in-Nashville Blue Series of limited edition 7”ers, and it was an auspicious enough waxing to warrant re-mentioning here: one-part Yardbirds “Shapes Of Things” revved-up raveup, one-part Chess Recs’ Muddy/Howlin’-inspired thud and several parts Sunset Strip glam-slam sweat equity (and that Stripes/Keys-styled B-side ‘tweren’t too shabby, neither). Now comes the (almost) full-length, a five-song mini-album produced by Josh Homme and, er, one “Nurse Diesel,” who we presume is neither Cloris Leachman nor Mel Brooks slumming as an indie rocker (look it up), and all of the above still applies even as the quartet stretches out in its quest to make the most righteous hardsoul rawk racket this side of the Atlantic.

Dough Rollers 45

Co-founders Malcolm Ford (vocals) and Jack Byrne (guitars) in particular appear to have a singular vision that, when their train gets a-rollin’ is laser focused. Opening track “Gone Baby Gone” is particular is a funky, meth-and-bathtub-gin fueled monster, loose ‘n’ easy and edgily kinetic all at once; it’s what Prince wishes he sounded like, or what Lenny Kravitz never sounded like. The swampy, wah-wah powered “My Love” is even funkier, with the rhythm section (bassist Josh Barocas and drummer Kyle Olson) emitting maximum swing. Meanwhile, the boogieriffic “Garbage Salad” is just bizarre, in a we-love-Captain-Beefheart-boogie sense of bizarre. Odd man out, in a good way, is “Mansion On A Hill,” what with its more tuneful, almost jangly, folk-rock style sweetly shaded by some ethereal spaghetti western vibes.

Overall, one of the year’s most promising and unexpected releases, proof that Third Man’s instincts in ferreting out unique, compelling, classy acts are among the keenest on the planet.

DOWNLOAD: “Mansion On the Hill,” “My Love”


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