Dosh – Tommy

January 01, 1970



With a grand name
like Martin Luther King Chavez Dosh, one is expected to accomplish “grand”
goals, no? Ok. Perhaps not, yet Dosh, as he simply calls himself, has done so
as he exceeds expectations with each LP. He has returned with more soothing,
multi-layered, lush arrangements for his fifth album, Tommy. The nearly vocal free album is spotless as Dosh single
handedly crafts sounds that evoke a sense of calm solitude followed by buoyant
bliss. A mixture of jazz infused pop, rock and dance beats, Dosh proves – 8
years after his self titled debut – that he still has a bag of musical tricks
to reveal.


As Dosh plays
drums, keyboard, synth, xylophone and everything in between, he loops his
creations to fashion a unique album that demands several listens. “Call the
Kettle” slowly builds towards a catchy sax laden crescendo, while closer “Gare
De Lyon” is considerably more frenzied as a pounding, overdriven guitar fades
into oblivion.


A diverse range
of sound thrives within Tommy and
sometimes it is hard to believe that they all derived from a solitary mind. To
appreciate his talent, watch a video of Dosh performing
a portion of “Call The Kettle” as evidence of his multi-instrumental brilliance.


Standout Tracks: “Yer Face,” “Call The Kettle” APRIL S.


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