DOSH – Milk Money

Album: Milk Money

Artist: Dosh

Label: Graveface

Release Date: October 22, 2013

Dosh 10-22


 When he is not performing with other acts such as Cloak Ox or drumming for Andrew Bird multi-instrumentalist master, Martin Dosh creates calm and thoughtfully pensive electronic soundscapes by harnessing static noise while merging jazz, ambience and hip hop. What makes Dosh special is his creation process: he plays every instrument you hear, from drums to keyboard to xylophone, and loops each piece together one by one to create an effortless sound. For his seventh full length Milk Money, Dosh continues to impress.

 Milk Money is generally a lyric free affair; the only vocals are sampled to fit the texture of a song. “We are the Worst” is a great opener to the album as we hear an ethereal woman’s voice repeat, “careful” as it is solely accompanied by keys, drums and effects. “Unto Internity” has an otherworldly feel as a Theremin like sound fades in and out beneath shuffling drums and  The 24 minute final track, “Legos (for Terry)” undergoes an interesting transformation. It starts quite calmly with singular piano chords and ambient noises to fill the void. It slowly disseminates into several sounds rhythmically toppling over each other: sampled vocals, fast paced chirps and drums, and plucky chords that sound like piano strings being struck with a wooden spoon.

 The experimental sonic world Dosh creates is beautiful and he has created an eerily enchanting one with Milk Money.

 DOWNLOAD: “We are the Worst,” “Unto Internity”

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