Dos – Dos y Dos

January 01, 1970



It’s been a while since any recorded evidence surfaced of
the musical love affair between bassists Mike Watt and Kira Roessler – Dos y Dos is only the pair’s fourth LP
in a quarter century. Nothing’s changed, however.


Like all their albums, Dos
y Dos
consists of the two low end masters rolling and tumbling their
respective instruments around each other, like puppies wrestling. If that
description sounds less than appealing, keep in mind that both Watt and
Roessler have always been unusually musical bass players, as interested in
creating melodies as in holding down the root. That may not be enough to make
this record more than quirky background music for some – hell, maybe most –
listeners, but it makes cuts like “Number Nine” and “Frantic” more than just
muso noodling. The pair includes some vocal numbers as well, and while they’re
generally less interesting, they’re also easier to grasp, with “Ties That Bind”
being one of the best tunes.


Dos y Dos won’t
change anyone’s life, but Watt completists and bass guitar obsessives will find
plenty to adore.  


to Bind” “Frantic,” “Number Nine” MICHAEL TOLAND

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