DONOVAN’S BRAIN – Turned Up Later

Album: Turned Up Later

Artist: Donovan's Brain

Label: Career

Release Date: April 02, 2013

Donovan't Brain


The seventh album from this long-running Montana psych rock collective, Turned Up Later features bandleader Ron Sanchez in collaboration with the grievously injured Bobby Sutliff.  The former Windbreaker and veteran power popper brings his sense of winsome melody to the tracks he penned – “My Own Skin” and “Take Me With You When You Go” ooze with the folk-rocking tunefulness for which Sutliff is revered, while “Fulcrum” and “Restless Nights, Many Dreams” add a layer of lysergic lushness appropriate to the setting. Sanchez doesn’t stint on melody, of course, but his tracks fall into his more traditional (if such a thing can be said) psychedelia, from the folky “As the Crows Fly” to the spacey “Small Circles” and the trippy “Cardboard Army” (co-written by Career co-founder Deniz Tek) and “Connie Companion.”  

The combo of Sanchez and Sutliff doesn’t seem like an obvious one at first, but it turns out the partnership is perfectly simpatico.

DOWNLOAD: “Restless Nights, Many Dreams,” “Fulcrum,” “My Own Skin”


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