Dollyrots + Bluebonnets + Sweethearts 6/4/15, Austin

Dates: June 4, 2015

Location: Historic Red Scoot Inn, Austin TX



June. Not only do people graduate, but three generations of Rock ’n’ Roll High School Alums got together and made a racket at The Historic Red Scoot Inn in Austin, Texas, on June 4. (Photo of Scoot Inn sign from the web.) Opening the show was a great new pop punk act from Austin: The Sweethearts.

The Sweethearts I

The Sweethearts II

The Bluebonnets, cofounded by Kathy Valentine of The Go Go’s and Dominique Davalos, played rock ’n’ roll. One can’t really add to that. It’s perfect just the way it is, but they can hold up to almost any band out there.

The Bluebonnets II

The Bluebonnets III

If you’ve seen the Austin episode of Sonic Highways, you’re familiar with Roy Clark jr. He mentioned his friend Eve got him to come out and see live music. He’s referring to Eve Monsees, who is just as good as him and deserves more recognition than the few photos of her shown in the episode. She’s also the lead guitar for The Bluebonnets.

Eve Monsees of The Bluebonnets

Despite seeing such a great show, the front of the house was well armed with camera phones since it enhances the music experience so much.

The Bluebonnets I


The Dollyrots have improved since they were formed. Phenomenally.

The Dollyrots I

Vox/bass Kelly Ogden is a seasoned performer who can rock out while bringing the audience in while Luis Cabezas equally struts and hammers out power cords like there’s no tomorrow. An added bonus to round it out was guest drummer Rikki Styxx from The Two Tens. (The members are pictured in that order, below.)

The Dollyrots II

The Dollyrots IV

Rikki Styxx 1

The Dollyrots V



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