Album: Tryst

Artist: Djustin

Label: Labrador

Release Date: May 13, 2016


The Upshot: No filler, just pulsing, sensual synth pop.


It’s funny, every time that I reviews one of Johan Angergard’s bands I always say something to the effect of “How does this guy find time to sleep with all of his musical projects plus running the Labrador Records label?!” Then he goes and starts yet another band.  This time with Rose Suau. If you don’t know Rose she is an American (Michigan…Johan is from Sweden) and was in a terrific indie pop band with her husband Mario called Shoestrings. They released a few singles, some, compilation tracks and an excellent album (Wishing on Planes, released on the Le Grand Magistery label in the late 90’s). The two began corresponding to each other in the 90’s, loving each other’s bands and found some similarities: born in the same year, same star sign, both middle children, etc.. When Angergard wrote this particular batch of songs he had Rose in mind for vocals, wrote to her and voila! Djustin was born!

The music sounds similar to Club 8, one of Angergard’s other bands, and though Tryst is only five songs, there is no filler on here. The songs average about three minutes each and the record is filled with pulsing, sensual synth pop. Both the title track and “Stars” are classics and would be playing in clubs the world over (thus making these two wealthy) if this was a just place. “Concrete’ stomps a bit more, is a little darker, moodier while “Stars (follow me)” ends it all on a mysterious, alluring note. You’re left wondering where the time went until you press play again. I hope that these five songs are only the beginning.

DOWNLOAD: “Tryst,” “Stars,” “Concrete”

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