DJ Hell – Teufelswerk

January 01, 1970

(International Deejay Gigolo)



I’m pretty sure his mom didn’t name him Hell. No matter. The
EDM legend, since the late 80s and his start in hardcore tech has steadily
insinuated himself into the pop world with each passing phase. There’ve been
the supple curves of Chicago
acid-house and open toed German trance records. He’s remixed Bowie and dropped fun tracks such as “My
Definition of House Music.”


But with Teufelswerk the Munich
machine man wants it every which way on this two CD set. Broken down into “Day”
and “Night” themed discs, each volume hardly seems confined by lights and
darks. While airy chugging cuts just like “Nightclubbing” move from heavy breathing
to sprightly thumping on the “Day” disc, the “Night” volume seems oddly
poppier. Bryan Ferry does his spookiest croon through the
midnight-express-esque gurgle that is “Can Dance.” (Don’t get me wrong. It’s
delirious and dreamy and cushioned by rubbery rhythms. But Ferry’s listed as a
backing vocalist. And suddenly his ambient hush – everything he’s ever done –
now seems like a background vocal in retrospect.) 


The robotic “Electronic Germany” seems to suffer no
foolishness in its lack of ironic distance. And P.Diddy – that P. and that
Diddy – appears Diddy-like on “The DJ” also without a sense of ironic distance.
Oh heck with that Hell.


Standout Tracks: “Nightclubbing,”
“Can Dance” A.D. AMOROSI






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