Dive Index – The Surface We Divide

January 01, 1970

(Neutral Music)



Dive Index is a non-traditional communal combo, and yet
despite an unwieldy collection of all-star collaborators, their sound is spare,
pensive and elusive. The group’s latest album spans geographical boundaries;
conceived by writer/producer Will Thomas from his home base in New York, contributions
were solicited by emails and shared files with a London-based group of vocalists
that included Joseph Arthur, Ride vocalist Mark Gardner, Cat Martino and
Patrick Cooper.


Nevertheless, there’s a steady consistency that spans the
album overall, making for little variation in either tone or texture. That’s
admirable as far as the seamless construction is concerned, but the dreamy,
ephemeral sensibility leaves little opportunity for any individual entry to
truly stand out. The churning pulse of “Framed & Frozen” imbues a lingering
beauty, while the ethereal drift of songs such as “Cut” and “Burn Their Bodies”
adds the sensual suggestion. Yet, hollow-eyed vocals and trance-like grooves
keep the songs at arm’s length throughout. More a mood piece than a resilient
set of songs, The Surface We Divide is
a pleasant diversion, but little more than a surface attraction.


DOWNLOAD: “Framed & Frozen,” “Cut,” “Burn Their Bodies” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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