Diskjokke – En Fin Tid

January 01, 1970






Popular Oslo mixer Joachim Drydahl (Diskjokke) probably
chuckled over the puns in his ID (jockey, joke…). Only the sourest of dispositions
are likely to be indisposed toward “a happy time,” the Norwegian meaning of En Fin Tid. It’s a modest invitation to
anything with this much progressive finesse


“Reset and Begin” opens pretty modestly as well: only the
thumps (do you wanna do the Bump or are
you just glad to see me?
) kicking in at around 30 seconds keep this from
making sense on Music from the Hearts of
. Mixing panoramic soundscapes with synthetic ingenuity and a warm
pulse, EFT is likely to land there


Neither giggly cosmic twirlers nor knob-turning enthusiasts should
find the sunny opener to be a red herring. Its promise holds true through the title
track’s inventive trickery, which sends sporadic little love texts to Ray Lynch
and Jean Michel Jarre. Lovers of club/industrial may favor “Big Flash” and
“1987.” Everyone on the floor is likely to cheer when “The Bund” throws it all
together. And those who mourn “Popcorn” (Gershon Kingsley’s 1969 synth-pop
groundbreaker) will be glad to find its gurgle-mouthed, R2-D2-seeded descendent
in “Rosenrod,” which rises to a typically cheery, percolatin’ crescendo.



DOWNLOAD: “Nattesdid,” “Reset and Begin,” “Rosenrod,” The Bund,” “En Fin Tid” MARY LEARY


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