Disciplines – Smoking Kills

January 01, 1970

(Second Motion)




It’s doubtful anyone expected this from the Posies’ Ken Stringfellow, stomping garage-rock with
vocals aggressive enough to have followed his neighbors Nirvana to a life of
unimaginable riches back in 1993 when the Posies were biting the hand that
could have fed them with bittersweet power-pop hooks on “Flavor of the Month.”


Can we thank the Norwegians? He’s joined here by members of
Nordic pop sensation Brikesby (which would sound familiar if you paid attention
to the Nordic pop scene). “Yours for the Taking” kicks things off with a heavy
garage riff that stomps like the Sonics with Stringfellow screaming – yes,
screaming – “I’m yours for the taking.” Other tracks filter that reckless
abandon through a more sophisticated pop approach, from the spooky psychedelic
verses of “Wrong Lane” to those pretty chords they drop in out of nowhere on
the glammy “Get It Right.” And after all that rock, they hit you with a
change-up, signing off with a mid-tempo rocker, “Shadow of Your Doubt,”
followed by “Oslo,” a bittersweet ballad that sounds like lighters waving in
the chilly Nordic night as Stringfellow sighs his way through images as vivid
as “I felt like a swine begging for pearls.”


Standout Tracks: “Yours For The Taking,” “Wrong Lane” A. WATT


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