Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan

January 01, 1970





Giddy with anticipation, I dreamed about
this album, and it sounded immense and dazzling, as dream music often is… but,
somehow, Swing Lo Magellan lives up
to the unconscious hype. It is dream-bright: riffs like Lisa Frank rainbows,
yes, but vivid darkness too, sultry harmonies and minor/major shifts that lend
“Gun Has No Trigger” a hundred-league depth.


Where little on 2009’s Bitte Orca matched “Stillness is the Move,” Swing Lo is potent throughout – itself the greatest hits of around
70 new songs penned by frontman David Longstreth. The Brooklyn band’s usual
elements crop up here in thrilling compounds: experimental R’n’B crashes into ’90s
indie-rock on “Offspring Are Blank”; “About to Die” bolsters doo-wop with
swarthy strings; “Swing Lo Magellan” channels Big Star over soft, rat-hearted
percussion. All is crisp and close.


No DP review is complete without a comment
on “accessibility,” and this is their
“most accessible work yet,” whatever that means. It is instantly likeable. It
makes perfect sense, but unravels into nonsense and complexity on second
glance. Like a dream, really.


DOWNLOAD: “Offspring Are Blank,” “See What She Seeing” MERYL TRUSSLER



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