Dirty Guv’nahs – Youth Is In Our Blood

January 01, 1970




Affirming their tender age is one
thing, but there’s also no denying that the fact that the Dirty Guv’nahs seem
to favor a timeless and traditional tack. On this, their second album, the
promising young sextet channels a myriad of influences and freely spin them
throughout their sound — the Allman Brothers, the Doobie Brothers, the
Marshall Tucker Band and, to bring them up to current standards, the Black
Crowes. Being from Knoxville Tennessee naturally implies a certain Southern
rock sensibility, but in applying that strut and swagger, the Guv’nahs also
recall other forebears along the way. The menace of the Stones comes into play
on “It’s Dangerous” and the outspoken indignation of John Mellencamp
reverberates throughout “New Salvation.”  So too, the rustic recording environs of
Levon Helm’s Woodstock studio can’t help but enter into the equation; hence,
the swelling keyboards and gritty guitars give a classic quality to stirring
ballads like “Courage,” “The Country” and “Seeds on the


Youth Is In Our Blood suggests the
Dirty Guv’nahs are guided by instincts that reach well beyond their years.
Ultimately, it’s nice to find that possessing the pride of youth doesn’t
preclude some healthy respect for one’s elders.


DOWNLOAD: “It’s Dangerous,” “Courage,” “The




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