Dirtbombs – Party Store

January 01, 1970

(In the Red)




With their fifth full length, and second with
a stable line up, The Dirtbombs have decided to fuck with any preconceived
thoughts people had about the direction the band would be taking from this
point on. 


On Party
, Detroit’s blues-tinged garage rockers
decided to reinterpret a slew of their hometown techno classics (how many even still
remember that Detroit
once had a thriving techno scene?) with mixed results.  A ballsy move and one that proves exactly why
The Dirtbombs have been worth paying attention to even while scenemates like the
Von Bondies kept recording the same album over and over again (that band pretty
much peaked creatively when Jack White punched their singer in the face).


While there are some strong tracks on the
record like the reinvigorated “Good Life”, the 21-minute “Bug in the Bass Bin”,
which starts off with two-straight minutes of little more than a motorcycle
revving, would make even a ‘70s prog act cringe at the unnecessary
excessiveness of the tune.   


While Party
serves as a bookend of sorts to the band’s fantastic Ultraglide In Black, their latest is an
interesting attempt creatively that just doesn’t live up to its own high


DOWNLOAD: “Good Life” and “Tear the Club Up” JOHN B. MOORE


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