Diodes – Action/Reaction

January 01, 1970





It’s funny now
to think that Canada’s
Diodes were considered punk (they sounded more high-energy power pop). However,
back then even though they didn’t sound like fellow Canadian punks D.O.A.
or  The Subhumans, they definitely had a
punk attitude and were d.i.y.-ers from the beginning (running Toronto’s first
punk club, The Crash n’ Burn).   This
reissue of their 3rd record (first time on CD) includes copious
liners and 6 bonus track (2 previously unreleased).


Action/Reaction (originally released is 1980), while not
a bad record at all, is the weakest of their three LPs. Opening cut “City of
the Dead” is a real barn-burner, as is the jittery “That Was the Way It Was”
and the title track. For some of the other, lesser songs, it seems like the
band was at the end of the line (and let’s not forget, this was their final record).  “Everything I Am” sounds a bit sluggish and
“Catwalker” a bit dull. As for the bonus tracks, including a demo of
“Catwalker” and a live version of “Play with Fire”, the only one that you
really need to hear is the ripping “Ghost Story” while the rest aren’t


Still, these
Canucks hit the scene early and like a lot of us who embraced the punk scene,
were tired of what was being forced down our throats and wanted to make their
own footprint and in their own small way, they did.


DOWNLOAD: “City of the Dead”, “That Was the Way It
Was”, “Action/Reaction” TIM HINELY



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