Dinosaur Jr – Farm

January 01, 1970





From the time J. Mascis hits that first guitar chord on
“Pieces” this album effortlessly puts you in that early ’90s sweet spot when
Dinosaur Jr was giving the mosh pits of Lollapalooza a lesson in epic
guitar-hero music. With Lou Barlow back on bass and Murph behind the kit, you
may have hoped for something more along the lines of Bug. But that’s not what they’re after here. This is
stadium-rocking guitar-hero splendor filtered through a massive wall of
overdriven Marshall stacks with Mascis sounding sleepier than ever on the mic. If
you’re the type to get hung up on bands evolving over time, you may be
unimpressed. But if the thought of picking up where Green Mind left off sounds like your idea of a good time, you’ll
find plenty here to love, from the bittersweet jangle of “Plans” to the
majestic soul of “All The People.”


Standout Tracks: “Pieces,” “All the People” A. WATT


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