DIIV – Oshin

January 01, 1970

(Captured Tracks)




names in mid-hype is a bold and ballsy move, especially for a band with only a handful
of 7-inch singles to their repertoire. But when your group copped its handle after
a super deep Nirvana track and subsequently reconfigured its nomenclature out
of respect for an obscure Belgian industrial act from the early ‘90s, something
in the mathematics of street credibility assures that Brooklyn’s
DIIV will transition into its new identity with minimal issues.


On debut
LP Oshin, recorded in a cramped
corner of a Bushwick painter’s studio without running water, this creative
quartet – led by Beach Fossils guitarist Zachary Cole Smith – re-channel the
energy of late ‘80s Sub Pop through the romantic haze of Umbrella-era Innocence Mission to create an exciting and distinct
new spin on the dreampop revival that rings harmoniously throughout the album. Regardless
of how Cole and company choose to spell their band’s name, take the suggestion
of the action indicated in its status as an irregular verb and dive into the
glistening turbulence of this big, beautiful Oshin.


DOWNLOAD: “Air Conditioning,”
“Doused” RON HART



This review also appears in
the latest print issue of BLURT.

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