Digital Leather – Sorcerer

January 01, 1970



The Goner Records label is usually known for down ‘n’ dirty
rock and roll.  Proud of its Memphis roots I figured
the last thing they’d want to release would be a spazzy electronic record, but
ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Digital Leather.


Basically the work of one, Shawn Foree, who hails from Arizona, he apparently
has a slew of singles and LPs floating around. Sorcerer sets the tone from the opener, the wired and weird slunk
of “Stimulator” which is enough to make your hair stand on end. On
“Hologram” they chant that word over and over atop a sinister
sounding keyboard, while “Perfect Copy” sounds more like ‘80s oddball
new wave. The 2nd half of the record was recorded live and includes the bands’
anthem (or what should be their anthem) on the closing “Black Flowers from
the Future.” Fried electric socket rock never sounded so beautiful.


Standout Tracks:  “Hologram,” “Black Flowers
from the Future” TIM HINELY



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