DIEALPS! – Our City

Album: Our City

Artist: DieAlps!

Label: New Granada

Release Date: August 04, 2017


The Upshot: Florida baroque pop—imagine that from the Sunshine State!—on a stunningly beautiful debut.


 For decades now, Florida has been churning out bands that owe their careers to distorted guitars and loud amp stacks. It’s spawned a slew of great punk bands and a mess of not-so-great Nü-metal groups. So, it seems surprising then that the Sunshine State could have also nurtured a thoughtful baroque pop group like DieAlps!.

 Comprising Cornelia Calcaterra and husband/guitarist, Frank, the Tampa-based band made an at times stunningly beautiful debut album with Our City. Spread across a dozen tracks, there is a strong ‘90s alt/college rock influence felt throughout, recalling everyone from The Sundays to Buffalo Tom.

The record certainly has its quietter moments on songs like “Dwight” and the swooning “Mayfly,” but the band is also just as willing to crank up the volume on songs like “Our City.”  The duo trade off vocals throughout, making for a compelling sound.

Tampa may have given the world an unnaturally large number of death metal bands (including Morbid Angel and Assuck), but the city has also offered up the stunningly great DieAlps!, so let’s call it even.


DOWNLOAD: “Mayfly,” “Trust Me” and “In the Country”


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