Album: Sunsphere

Artist: Dexateens

Label: Cornelius Chapel

Release Date: September 24, 2013

Dexateens 9-24


The best way to put it is bluntly: Sunsphere, the eagerly anticipated return of the Dexateens, kicks ass. The Alabama quintet sounds refreshed and fighting trim on its comeback EP, incorporating the lessons learned by Lee Bains with his Glory Fires and Matt Patton in his new position with the Drive-By Truckers, while still remaining true to its original Southern-fried spirit.


The title cut, “Foxhole Rock” and “(Do the) Crawl” bash and crash heavier than previous platters, but maintain Crimson Tide tunefulness and soulful vocal twang. The dynamic folk rock of “Vengeance” and the keenly crafted ballad “Calico” indicate as much time spent in the library as in the rehearsal room, while the banjo-driven acoustica “Broken Objects” updates regional traditions for 21st century angst. “Come On Strong” and “Constantine” simply rock ass in the time-tested manner of young, energy-spewing guitar bands everywhere.


At only eight tracks, Sunsphere leaves no time to waste or fat to be trimmed, letting the Dexateens do what they do best: rock and roll.

DOWNLOAD: “Constantine,” “Vengeance,” “Calico”

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