Dex Romweber Duo – Is That You in the Blue?

January 01, 1970



Dex Romweber’s work with the Flat Duo Jets has been cited by
no less than erstwhile White Stripes frontman Jack White as a huge influence on
the Stripes – no wonder, considering they provided the prototype for the two
piece guitar/drums band bashing out psycho surf sounds, rockabilly and blues.
Now, the Dex Romweber Duo make a similarly savage noise on this, their second
studio outing. It’s certainly scary stuff, as first evident in the opening jolt
and primitive stomp of “Jungle Drums” and what follows throughout. Romweber’s
dark, menacing growl could intimidate Nick Cave if the two of them ever faced
off, but sister Sara does her part by providing the music’s bombastic beat.


Aficionados of menace and mayhem will find plenty to keep
them enthralled, whether it’s the frenzied assault sustained by “Gurdjieff
Girl,” the sinister moan of “Midnight Sun” or the revved up tempo propelled
with the title track. Those less adventurous can take refuge in “Redemption,” a
somber hymnal, or “Wish You Would (Reprise),” which brings back echoes of the
Doors, circa their debut. Speaking of which, no doubt Mr. Morrison would relay
his appreciation for Romweber’s snarling defiance, given that it seems plucked
from the same depths that nourished his own. Not intended for the faint of
heart, Is That You in the Blue? chides, challenges and relentlessly rocks.


You Would (Reprise),” “Midnight Sun” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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