DeVries – Death to God

January 01, 1970

(Noise on Noise)


Travis DeVries of Seattle’s late, great Turn-Ons is back
with a new band whose sonic agenda should come as no surprise to any Turn-Ons
devotee. He’s still into the dreamier side of the spectrum, whispering a
musical language best enjoyed by fans of the Church, Yo La Tengo, any shoe-gaze
band you’d care to adore and the Jesus & Mary Chain, who happened to
headline DeVries’ final show with the Turn-Ons (several of whom appear here as
his backing band).


The songs do have a tendency to blend together, but that
also makes for an engagingly cohesive sleepwalk through his atmospheric
melodies on such hummable highlights as “Boys are Bores” (about trans-gendered
children) and the drone-along hooks of the Spector-on-codeine gem, “Girl in the
Fur-Skin Rug.” A few songs rock a little harder than the others – the
practically mod-ish “Black Thursday Repeat” in particular – but not enough to
wake the baby.


Standout Tracks: “Girl in the Fur-Skin Rug,” “Black Thursday Repeat”  A. WATT


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