Devon Sproule – Don’t Hurry For Heaven

January 01, 1970


(Black Hen Music)


Singer/songwriter Devon Sproule and her husband, guitarist
Paul Curreri have successfully pursued parallel careers for several years now,
so it’s all but inevitable that their musical paths would cross on occasion.
Curreri’s tribute to his wife, Songs for
Devon Sproule
, offered her an homage that affirmed the couple’s trajectory
was inextricably connected (while hopefully scoring Paul some valuable points
at home as well), and the fact that he produced her latest, while also touting
his own fine new effort, California,
draws their bonds that much closer. Regardless, Don’t Hurry For Heaven, Sproule’s fourth effort to date, reflects a
distinctive style all her own, with Curreri taking his lead from her, and not
the other way around.


Consequently, Sproule continues to reveal a sensual,
seductive allure that puts her stamp on every track, varying by degrees from a
saunter to a sway. The easy ambiance imbued in the title tune, with its gentle
lilt and pervasive steel guitar, is more a variation on a theme as opposed to
any break in mood. Likewise, the perky sentiments of “Good to Get Out” and the
sprightly sentiments of “Bowling Green” further
affirm the easy-going vibe. Yet, while the wistful “A Picture of Us in the
Garden,” with Sproule singing solo, initially appears a simple celebration of
homespun habits, the final stanzas are somewhat revealing:

“Honey, how are we supposed to ever have
us a family.
When the business won’t give us a buck,
I guess it’s pretty lucky
I’m still pretty young.”


Given its air of optimism, Don’t Hurry For Heaven suggests that Sproule’s got plenty of good
fortune to look forward to.


“A Picture of Us in the Garden,” ” Don’t Hurry For Heaven,”
” Good to Get Out” LEE ZIMMERMAN




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