Desertshore – Drifting Your Majesty

January 01, 1970

(Caldo Verde)


In an era where instant gratification is a given and new pop
darlings transition with alarming frequency, don’t expect an instrumental
album, especially one as eerie and ethereal as Drifting Your Majesty, to become an instant sensation. Released on
the Caldo Verde label, home to mood manipulators like Sun Kil Moon and the Red
House Painters (both of which include, not surprisingly, Desertshore guitarist
Phil Carney), it maintains the label’s twilight signature in the form of 14
selections that appear more like soundscapes than actual melody-specific
offerings. That may be due, in part, to the fact that keyboardist Chris
Connolly is classically trained and strives for higher purpose.  Therefore it follows that when the material
imparts its shimmering presence, it’s Connolly’s epic ambitions at play.


Nevertheless, while the duo’s dreamy designs dominate the
set – cast in the spectral strum of the title track and the nocturnal new age
ethos of “Right Favor,” “The Town Alight” and “Darkhan” – there is something
calmly reassuring about the album overall, a grace and beauty that leaves a
certain melodic imprint. Some might argue that it’s best served as mood music,
a fixture for the ambiance and little more. And yet, while it’s doubtful anyone
will walk away humming its refrains, it’s entirely possible there will be those
who feel somewhat smitten all the same.

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