Depreciation Guild – Spirit Youth

January 01, 1970



the Pains of Being Pure at Heart have had a busy couple of years so what else
was their drummer, Kurt Feldman, to do? Start another band (fact is,
this band began a few years before Pains).  This side project even
seems to be taking off and gaining a bit of ink themselves with the release of Spirit Youth. So when Feldman starts
getting tour schedules mixed up and ends up in Holland for a cancelled Pains
show when the Depreciation Guild were supposed to be in Memphis the same night
,well, he has only himself to blame.


Spirit Youth, this band is still
mining dream pop territory and “new-gaze” (or whatever the hell the kids are
calling it these days?) only on here the songwriting is better than the debut
(with more of a focus on songs rather than sounds on this one) and the band
sounds more confident. Opener “My Chariot” clangs like an old Ride song while
“Crucify You” is driving, melodic and one of the bands best songs yet as is the
icy “November” (reminiscent of the Field Mice). “Trace’ opens with a beautiful,
ethereal guitar riff that meanders through most of the song as does the equally
as engaging title track.  With this being the second Depreciation Guild
record in seven months (and a new Pains record probably around the corner)
here’s hoping Feldman and his cohorts get some much needed winks in between.


:  “Crucify You”, “November”, “Trace”, “Spirit Youth” TIM HINELY



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