Dent May – Do Things

January 01, 1970

(Paw Tracks)


Come on Dent, no
more magnificent ukulele? Why do you gotta mess with our punk rock heads like
that? Not only that but it seems like Dent has gone all Beach Boys on us (maybe
it takes longer for things to get down to Mississippi) and even adds some, gulp disco.
But hey, it works. After the success
of his 2009 debut, The Good Feeling Music
of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukul
ele it gave Mr. May the confidence to
strike a little further and out came Do
.  He also played everything on
the record himself.


“Rent Money”
might be  bit too twee for even the
foppiest of suaves, but “Fun” (the first single) and “Tell Her” are both soaked
in so much melody that you can’t not like them. Some people have called it psychedelia, but that’s a stretch; I’d
say more easy listening (come on, give a listen to “Best Friend”). OK, so it’s
not The Free Design’ but hey, it’s not far off and then he goes and drops the
best song, “Wedding Day” in the 6th slot to mess with us even more
(and forget the Mrs.  Butterworth’s
tomorrow morning, just put some of this right on that short stack)  and the next best right after it, “Parents”
(“We don’t wanna be just like our parents…”).


Oh sure, Do Things has a few missteps, but May
just keeps smiling and charging forward. All from his comfy home in Oxford, MS.


“Fun”, “Wedding Day”, “Parents”, “Home Groan” TIM HINELY


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