Denmark Veseys – The Denmark Veseys

January 01, 1970

Sex School)




The fact that his latest band, The Denmark Veseys, is named
after a slave who was executed for trying to overthrow slavery says a lot about
Jerry Joseph (vocals/guitars/piano). He’s well read, outspoken and never shies
away from the heavy stuff. It’s all sex and god and drugs and they’re all the
same for Joseph. Backed by drummer/percussionist Steve Drizos along with some
help from producer Dave Barbe (guitar/keys/vocals) and John Neff (from the
Drive-By Truckers, on pedal steel), songs like “Ho Chi Minh” and “Zombie Blues”
retain the fierce, bile-spitting, trance-inducing, politically-charged vibe
that has made him a cult anti-hero. But it’s tracks like “Elastic” — with its
message of enduring love — and the warm, church organ feel of “Supper’s Ready”
that show a softer, more accessible side to the man. Jerry Joseph has been
wrestling his demons into song for more than 25 years, and there are few that
do it better. If the path broke a different way he could have been a Springsteen,
The Denmark Veseys is another
bundle from the criminally underappreciated cannon of Jerry Joseph.


Standout Tracks: “Ho
Chi Minh,” “It Comes In Waves” AARON KAYCE

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