DEMITASSE – Blue Medicine

Album: Blue Medicine

Artist: Demitasse

Label: Bedlamb

Release Date: April 15, 2014

Demitasse 4-15


The two piece acoustic group that calls itself Demitasse is, in fact, the side project for Erik Sanden and Joe Reyes, two members of the San Antonio band Buttercup. Both musicians boast impressive credentials — Reyes as a Grammy award winning guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Sanden as a composer who’s won widespread acclaim. However it was a common tragedy – both men lost their fathers recently — that informs these sweetly soaring melodies. There’s a hushed, hollow-eyed sense of loss and longing that echoes throughout this distinctive debut, ensuring its status as a haunting and alluring encounter from first note to last. The soothing tones bring with them a quiet caress, a sound that can be daunting at times, especially when it comes to the more downcast tracks like “She Wanted” and “I’ve See Those Eyes.” Yet when they pick up the pace — even only slightly — via the handclapped accompaniment of “Surprise Surprise” and the tidy delivery of “Comfy Coffins,” this Blue Medicine goes down even better.

DOWNLOAD: “Surprise Surprise,” “Comfy Coffins”

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