DELTA SPIRIT – Into the Wide

Album: Into The Wide

Artist: Delta Spirit

Label: Dualtone

Release Date: September 09, 2014

Delta Spirit


Four albums on, Delta Spirit takes another shift in sound, elevating their intents with a delivery that’s sweeping in its scope and execution. According to reports, Into the Wide was spawned from dire circumstance, a windowless, rat infested rehearsal room in Brooklyn that was ravaged by the effects of Super Storm Sandy. What emerged reflects those trying circumstances. These are epic songs flush with despair and desperation, music expressed through extreme resolve and anthemic fury. It can be startling; “Push It,” for example, makes for an auspicious opener, its unshakable wallop a reflection of the band’s oversized ambitions. Practically every track unfolds the same way, with “From Now On,” “Live On” and “Take Shelter” swept up in that consistently kinetic pulse.

Even songs that offer momentary respite – “Hold My End Up” and “Into the Wide” being the two most obvious examples – don’t linger very long before giving way to more fuelled up agitation. Despite all odds, Into the Wide is Delta Spirit’s most driven effort yet, a rousing, riveting attempt to create an indelible impression.

 DOWNLOAD: “From Now On,” “Live On,” “Into the Wide”


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