January 01, 1970

(Big Dada)


From Slick Rick to The Streets, the British have been an
established part of the hip-hop conversation for nearly 25 years. But not since
the heyday of Roots Manuva has there been an MC that’s displayed as much fire
and promise as London
graphic designer-turned-rapper Kieren Dickins, who rhymes under the name DELS.


Far more skilled than that fly-by-night hype fit Dizzee
Rascal, this promising young wordsmith leaves his listeners with no doubt about
his verbal proficiency across the din of his impressive Big Dada debut GOB. Though trendsetters might
immediately try to label these eleven songs as “grime”, such daft
compartmentalization would do a bit of disservice to the glass ceilings through
which this cat is looking to smash. Rather than falling into the trappings of
his country’s fleeting NME-addled
fads, DELS opts to create a hip-hop classic that has more in cahoots with the
finest works of Jay-Z and Common than the latest dubstep sensation. With the
trio of Micachu of The Shapes, Young Turks luminary Kwes and longtime mentor
Joe Goddard of Hot Chip delivering a varying degree of beats that fall between
Radiohead and The Bomb Squad, Dickins shifts from braggadocio battle rap
heaters on tracks like “Moonshining” and “Eating Clouds” to
espousing upon more serious topics such as Parliament politics (the
Gorillaz-esque Roots Manuva tag team “Capsize” with Goddard on the
hook), fractured relationships (“Violina/Bread Before Bed”) and the
trauma of child abuse (the Clockwork
-tinted “Droogs”) with a seamless sense of confidence and
proficiency in both his delivery and usage of vocabulary.


GOB is heavyweight
hip-hop from one of urban England’s
brightest new talents of microphone mastery.


DOWNLOAD: “Moonshining”, “Eating Clouds”, “Capsize”,
“Droogs” RON HART




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