Del The Funky Homosapien – Golden Era

January 01, 1970

(The Council)


This coming October 22nd marks the 20th anniversary of Del
the Funky Homosapien’s classic debut I
Wish My Brother George Was Here
. But while he quickly rose to fame back in
1991 primarily on the grounds that he was the cousin of a then-white hot Ice
Cube (who played a major role on the album as co-producer), the young Oakland
MC broke away from the nepotism trap just as promptly by establishing himself
as one of the West Coast underground’s most enduring players by eschewing a
position as a gangsta rap consigliore for the cred-worthy camaraderie of beat
nerds, skate punks, video game scholars and a little cartoon band called


And two decades in, the 38-year-old continues to maintain
his relevance as one of the game’s most enduring players whilst so many of his
peers fall by the wayside with each passing year. And in 2011, the Funky one
returns with his strongest work since 2000’s Both Sides of the Brain. Released as part of a 3-CD package that
also houses the terrestrial debuts of his pair of 2009 Internet-only LPs, Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) and Automatik Statik, Golden Era sees Del bringing it back to those days of George with a short but powerful 10-song
set that focuses on the strength of his abilities to mold his uncannily verbose
wordplay into any sonic situation with the same sense of ear-pleasing ease he
displayed back in the Elektra days, evidenced by the funky rawness of “Makes No
Sense” and the retro-futuristic swagger of “Pearly Gates.”


“I’m out there like NASA astronauts/I think outside the box
you can’t deny my props,” the Hieroglyphics team captain brags on “Double
Barrel”. “Don’t lie to yourself, you know I’m kinda hot.”


With Golden Era,
Del backs such braggadocio boasting with 38 minutes of some of the best hip-hop
you will hear this year, cumulating in a record that solidifies his lengthy
tenure of career building into a supernova of elder statesmanship that flexes
more swagger and dexterity than all the members of Odd Future combining together
to form a singular Voltron of wackness.


DOWNLOAD: “Calculate”, “Double Barrel”, “Makes No Sense”, “Pearly Gates” RON HART

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