Deerhunter + Dirty Projectors 9/5/19, Atlanta

Dates: September 5, 2019

Location: Variety Playhouse, Atlanta GA

Atlanta’s own Deerhunter headlined the city’s Variety Playhouse, and they did anything BUT disappear.
As of their hometown show, there were only a few dates left for Deerhunter’s current US tour – DC, Boston, and NYC. Then, following a few weeks’ break, it’s off to the U.K. and Europe on Nov. 2 and points farther east for this these indie-rock titans who never seem to not be touring.
But far from road-weary, they blasted onto the rock planet they occupy from the git-go and never sagged. The band is touring, incidentally, in support of their latest LP Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?  
Deerhunter is, of course, Bradford Cox (vocals and guitars), (original drummer) Moses Archuleta, Locket Pundt (guitars, vocals), and Josh McKay (bass, guitar).  Keyboardist Javier Morales is a welcome addition to the stage lineup.  His presence seems to geographically put the 4-members almost toe-to-toe and I think stage proximity allows even already close bands to really lock-in.  Whatever tangents they follow on disc, onstage they run a tight musical ship.  Are they rock, indie-rock, garage, industrial, pop, psychedelia?  Yes, they are.
And for something completely different, Dirty Projectors opened, winding down a co-headlining tour with Deerhunter.  Great world-vibe reminiscent of latter-day Talking Heads.   Catchy upbeat songs, powerful vocals, original hooks, all good.
The band – formed in 2002 by core member David Longstreth, played an hour-plus opening set, and the packed house was right there with ‘em until the last note, wanting more.   Other members are longtime bass guitarist Nat Baldwin, Mike Daniel Johnson, Maia Friedman, Felicia Douglass and Kristin Slipp.  Latest release I can find is 2018’s Lamp Lit Prose.
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