DEERHOOF – Breakup Song

January 01, 1970



In many ways, Breakup
is trademark Deerhoof. Infectious and celebratory in its
claustrophobic cacophony, the songs jump from varying rhythms and soundscapes
deftly and quickly. From the opening crunch and danceable stomp of the title
track the band marches delightfully forward, laying back and grooving tightly
on “There’s That Grin”, hurtling towards album’s midpoint-where it takes a
wonderfully satisfying turn. The haunting “Mothball the Fleet” is by far the
highlight of the album. Chiming guitar trills enter, soon giving way to tense
verses where Satomi Matsuzaki gradually builds her voice into a beautifully
airy chorus.


The inundation of sounds soon returns, as a wall of noise
soon rises in the form of “To Fly or Not to Fly,” followed by the brassy jaunt
of “The Trouble with Candyhands” and the dexterous bounce of “We Do Parties.” Breakup Song is an electric, ultra-fun,
frenetic carnival, but it is most satisfying in its quieter, more spacious


DOWNLOAD: “Mothball the Fleet,” “Flower” -NICK

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