Album: From Above 7”

Artist: Death and Vanilla

Label: Fire

Release Date: May 13, 2016


The Upshot: Reissue series for the group to capitalize on 2015’s full length.


In 2016, Fire records is unfurling some reissues of Death and Vanilla that follow on from last year’s release of the excellent, To Where the Wild Things Are record. I was quite taken with that album and really enjoyed the dreamy haze that permeated every track. The album succeeded in transporting the listener to a snow ensconced landscape where stuck in its chilly grip, they’re left with only the wind and drifting snow to guide them.

The first track on the 7” isFrom Above” and it’s a murky and dense affair that’s both alluring and unsettling. The vocals are like a siren calling to you from across the forest, luring you to your death. The various moogs and other vintage instruments provide a haunting subtext to the proceedings. The combination of the two are fascinating to listen to as dream pop and a mix of sinister-psychedelics blend in a belladonna like haze.

B-side track “Lux” is more classical in structure as it progresses with flourishes of tremolo distorted guitar as well as what sounds like a vibraphone. I really like it at the 3-minute mark when the song implodes in on itself and turns into this simple yet deeply moving repetitive guitar line that sucks us into its undertow. The production here allows the listener to breathe inside the song and feel as if we’ve been transported somewhere secret.

In another life the band are film editors and directors for their ability to weave a brocade of sound and turn out such compelling music. Unlike Broadcast a band they’re often compared to Death and Vanilla know how to wring emotion and ambience out of every second of tape.

DOWNLOAD: “From Above”, “Lux”




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