Death – …For The Whole World To See

January 01, 1970



Here’s the backstory: the Hackney brothers – three
African-American musicians from Detroit
– form a band infusing soul and funk with Iggy-inspired proto-punk energy back
in ’71. They release an obscure single, “Politicians in My Eyes,” and
promptly disappear when they refuse to change their name from “Death”
to something more fitting with Clive Davis’ pedestrian sensibilities.


Fast forward 25 years and that original Death 45, and
everything else the band ever laid down in the studio, has finally been
released. Truthfully, these brothers weren’t just another band o’ Motor City
sodbusters, nosiree. Songs like the ethereal “Let The World Turn”
display an uncanny sense of texture, the band switching gears midstream from
soulful ballad to pastoral psych-pop, throwing in an explosive drum solo en
route to a garage band freakout finish. Other tunes carry on similarly, bending
reality to the Hackneys’ will.


Death’s mix of ’70s soul, punk energy and hard rock is so innovative;
it makes you wonder where they’ve been all our lives.


Standout Tracks: All of ‘em! REV. KEITH A. GORDON


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