Dead Weather – Sea of Cowards

January 01, 1970

(Warner Bros)


Feistier than it predecessor Horehound and muddier than White Stripe-y  Jack White’s other solo outing (The
Raconteurs), this second Dead Weather volume offers a bit of a quandary when it
comes to the drumming guitarist – is too much Jack a bad thing?


From the molten loose and lava-like “Blue Blood Blues” and
“The Difference Between Us”, you’d probably say that loaned-out Kills singer
Alison Mosshart, drummer boy Jack White, Jack Lawrence (bass/drums) and Dean
Fertita (guitar/organ) worked White’s connection to the nu-blues like a rib
dipped in Boss Hog juice. They’re full of bluster and crack in the same way
Royal Trux once was (aw, I actually miss Royal Trux, now?!) yet there’s an
eerier sci-fi psych edge to the proceedings that its debut merely hinted at.
(And lovely creepy harmony between White and Mosshart on “Hustle and Cuss.”) 


Part of the crepuscular menace comes from Fertita’s organ
work – give this guy an Argento film to score. That said, it’s not a perfect
recording, with its religious connotations falling flat on tracks like “Old
Mary.” But congrats for making me pull out those old Drag
City Trux CDs and renting Suspiria.


Standout Tracks:  “Hustle And Cuss,” “I’m Mad,” “Die by the



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