Dead Weather – Horehound

January 01, 1970

(Third Man)


Generally, when famous musicians take part in side projects
it’s because they want to have a good time doing something they could never do
with their main band. The Raconteurs are a case in point, providing an outlet
for Jack White to indulge his power-pop jones while being a band member rather
than a band leader.


The Dead Weather is a more curious project. In some ways,
each band member sounds like a Jack White clone. Singer Alison Mosshart of the
Kills mimics some of his vocal mannerisms, while Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age, Waxwings) uses some of White’s
trademark electronic guitar effects. The songs are dark and hazy, a sort of musical
film-noir that resembles a heavier version of The Kills. It’s not bad, but it’s
a little too similar to what the various members have done before, leaving it
as enjoyable trifle, but not much more.


Standout Tracks: “New Pony” “I Cut Like a Buffalo”



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