Dead Meadow – Three Kings

January 01, 1970



Three Kings, the
latest album from beloved indie stoner rock trio Dead Meadow, is a live album
recorded in Los Angeles.
It’s arguable that the stage is where the band’s sprawling, acid-drenched
guitar mania lives, as it makes it easier to overlook its songwriting
deficiencies. While leader Jason Simon’s tunes don’t exactly push the
psychedelic envelope – yes, children of the sun, psych rock can be as formulaic
as any other genre – his flights of fancy work fine as showcases for his
sensually gratifying axe action, if not for much else. Longtime fans and those
who can’t go a day without a wah-wah guitar solo will definitely dig it. Three Kings doesn’t quite capture the
true power of a Dead Meadow show, but it comes closer to the heart of the band
than any of its studio albums.


The package also includes a concert DVD that intersperses
live footage with various psychedelic pscenes of psatanic psilliness.


Standout Tracks: “The
Narrows,” “That Old
Temple,” “Lady” MICHAEL


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