Dead Confederate – Sugar

January 01, 1970

(TAO/Old Flame


2008s debut Wrecking Ball introduced the masses to Dead
Confederate’s addictive single “The Rat” and their sonic throwback to grunge
laced with country influence. With follow-up album Sugar, the quintet continues to bask in their usual dark glow; and,
after the initial listen the drone of the fuzzed out guitars melds into one
homogeneous sound. However, after several reviews of the tracks, a few stand
out from the pool thanks to Hardy Morris’ entrancing, falsetto voice.


For instance, single
“Giving It All Away.” The track swims above the habitual muddy sound with
plucky electric guitars, and hypnotic drumming while numbers like “Quiet Kid,” and
“By Design” draw you in with their hooks. Dead Confederate’s Sugar proves to have a revolving door
effect, though some tracks exhibit the usage of the same equation, you return
for yet another listen…then another. It’s mesmerizing.


DOWNLOAD: “Quiet Kid,” “By Design” APRIL S. ENGRAM




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