Album: In Concert

Artist: Dead Can Dance

Label: PIAS America

Release Date: April 16, 2013

Dead Can Dance


So the pattern is this: beloved band that’s been broken up for at least several years gets back together, releases new album, tours hard, and releases live document from said tour. It’s become almost di rigeur for any intermittently active band whose members are over 40. (We’ll see if Fall Out Boy follows the same formula.) So it is with Dead Can Dance. After a well-received jaunt around the world in support of its solid comeback LP Anastasis, Lisa Gerrard, Brendan Perry and their cohorts follow up with the self-explanatory In Concert.

Half the tunes come from Anastasis, of course, and sound damn near identical to their studio counterparts – “Kiko,” “Children of the Sun” and “Return of the She-King” retain their power. Most of the rest comes from DCD’s most recent work before its mid-90s split – “Nierika” from Spiritchaser, “Rakim” (just as striking 20 years later as when it was originally released) and “Sanvean” from Toward the Within, the pioneering electro-worldbeat song “Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” from Into the Labyrinth. This show also adds a pair of covers: the Arabic traditional tune “Lamma Bada,” beautifully sung by Gerrard, and Perry’s personal rearrangement of Tim Buckley’s “Song To the Siren.”

The performances here reflect the band’s direction on the reunion record, with a heavy use of keyboards recalling the group’s middle period. While the lush synth textures sometimes overpower DCD’s use of more exotic instruments, its songwriting acumen and the remarkable voices of Gerrard and Perry shine through. While not a revelation, especially for longtime fans, In Concert serves notice that the fire igniting this Dead Can Dance reunion still burns.

DOWNLOAD: “Rakim,” “Nierika,” “Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove”


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