Dead Can Dance – Anastasis

January 01, 1970

([PIAS] America)


Dead Can Dance first reunited in 2005 for a tour as a
celebration of its legacy, but Anastatis is arguably an even bigger deal: the first new material to come from the Lisa
Gerrard-Brendan Perry partnership since 1996.


From the first few notes, it’s clear that the duo’s
signature blend of worldbeat rhythms and ancient melodies with rich electronic
atmospheres is still potent, if leaning toward the synthesized side of DCD’s
lush sound. Gerrard, as usual, borrows heavily from Middle Eastern sources for
“Agape” and “Abasis,” as her soaring voice weaves in and out of a tapestry of
Arabic melody and Indian rhythm like a stream through a forest. Perry follows
suit musically on the ghostly “Opium,” though his vocals flow in a more
straightforward manner (not to mention in English). “Amnesia” and the majestic
“Children of the Sun” hew closer to Western modes of musical thought, though
the way Perry’s stentorian baritone surfs the undulating sonic waves keeps the
tracks shimmering and exotic. The brooding instrumental “Kiko” and the epic,
Celtic-dusted “Return of the She-King” find the pair integrating their parallel
interests more fully, conjuring an otherworldly spell of earthly emotions and
ethereal dreams.


Perry closes with the dramatic ballad “All in Good Time,” a
way of gently coming down and letting the haze dissipate. Now we have to face
reality once again, but whenever the need for grateful escape arises, Anastasis awaits.  



DOWNLOAD: “Agape,”
“Children of the Sun,” “Return of the She-King” MICHAEL TOLAND


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