David Dondero – #Zero With a Bullet

January 01, 1970

(Team Love)




David Dondero seems slightly unnerved. And a bit unhinged to
boot. That’s not to say he doesn’t have cause to feel that way. Considering the
state of the world today, and the feeling of frustration that seeps into ever
pore and fiber of modern man’s existence, who can blame him? Still, it seems to
hit him especially hard; after all, he’s been chronicling humanity’s foibles
and missteps for the last 17 years, and few have even bothered to take notice.
Dondero waxes freely about the aggravation of being a steady road warrior with
next to nothing to show in the title track, and in the process, takes his
listeners inside the life of an indie artist trying to gravitate towards the
Big Time. He continues to find fascination with life’s little oddities – a sad
sack who insists he’s the messiah (the jittery “Jesus From 12 to 6”), dealing
with the housing bust (a folkie-strummed “Just a Baby in Your Momma’s Eyes”),
the serenity that comes from a rare refuge (the aptly-titled “It’s Peaceful
Here”) and the desperate desire to find a relationship he won’t walk out on
(the assertive “Caught the Song”).


Still, despite his erstwhile pronouncements, the melodies
that underscore his observations often seem to waver, as if they’ve been shaken
off their foundation. The quivering arrangements suggest that Dondero’s
uncertain about his present course, possibly feeling the weight of the
weariness that comes from having to keep on keeping on without really knowing
who’s even paying attention. It’s a discouraging prospect, but fortunately,
there’s still hope. Both astute and entertaining, #Zero With a Bullet may force even the most indifferent to finally
take notice.


With a Bullet,” “It’s Peaceful Here,” “Carolina Moon” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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