Davenports – Why the Great Gallop?

January 01, 1970

(Mother West)




The thing about Power Pop is that frankly, much of it sounds
alike. That’s not a criticism, mind you, but rather an observation that could also
pertain to any number of other specific genres. Fortunately though, the
similarity doesn’t detract from the ability to enjoy each of those many


That then, leads us to the Davenports, an effusive outfit
that envelopes the full range of Power Pop precepts – the upbeat enthusiasm,
the cooing high harmonies, the breezy melodies, slashing guitar chords and
loping keyboards. The songs are ebullient from the outset, beginning from the
chirpy “Christopher Starts” and rolling from there throughout. Granted, the
sentiments are occasionally a bit sugary, as reflected in this extract from
“Something’s Gonna Get Us”:


Another sprinkler summer/
Another fragrant fall/
Clearly the coin’s been landing/
Too much on the side we call”

Fortunately, the sweet sentiments and obvious enthusiasm
that pervades the album as a whole suggests the music and the message are in
sync. In fact, the ear candy’s scattered about in abundance – be it the
emphatic strum that tears through “Anything from Amelia,” the baroque posturing
that underscores “Figure Me Out” or the sturdy strut that accompanies “Hanging
Out With Dave.” True, the Davenports
are devoted to a formula, but nevertheless Why
the Great Gallop?
answers its own question. Albums this pleasing can cause
quite a rush.


DOWNLOAD: “Christopher Starts,” “Figure Me Out,” “Anything from Amelia” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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