DAVE RAVE & THE GOVERNORS – Sweet American Music

Album: Sweet American Music

Artist: Dave Rave & the Governors

Label: Raebeat

Release Date: January 20, 2015

Dave Rave 1-20



Make no mistake — Dave Desroches, AKA Dave Rave, is a bonafide, no holds barred rock ‘n’ roll enthusiast whose unswerving devotion to the form takes it cue from the great rockers who preceded him — the Stones, the Faces, Badfinger, the Raspberries and legions of power pop auteurs who established the form he now follows. Not that he’s a raver come lately; his own career dates back to the ‘70s and bands like Teenage Head, the Shakers and the Dave Rae Conspiracy, as well as session work by and for Daniel Lanois, Andrew Loog Oldham and Alex Chilton.

A born and bred Canadian, he’s unabashed in his musical enthusiasm, which makes #

Sweet American Music a tribute to generations of devotees past and recent. There’s plenty that’s familiar due to the format alone, and on songs such as “Sweet American Music,” “Trapped” and “Night School” Rave and his band maximize every hook and every refrain they can exercise and exploit to the fullest. Toss in some Brit pop here and a bit of psychedelia there and the result is a veritable pastiche of maximum R&R. It’s hard not to like it, because in truth there’s nothing not to enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: “Sweet American Music,” “Trapped,” “Night School”

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