Album: Devour

Artist: Dave Hause

Label: Rise

Release Date: October 08, 2013

Dave Hause



 The Philadelphia-based punk band The Loved Ones, haven’t put out a full length since 2008’s fantastic Build & Burn, when shortly after frontman/guitarist Dave Hause took some time off to work on a solo record. If Hause’s stellar new solo album – his second full length – is any indication, he won’t be getting the band back together anytime soon.

 Devour is another natural step forward in Hause’s development as one of the next great folk punk songwriters. While 2011’s Resolution’s had some great songs throughout, Devour is a completely impressive collection from start to finish. A couple of tracks are slow burners, taking several listens to really click (like the melancholy “Before”); but eventually they all earn their spot on the record.

 “Autism Vaccine Blues” sounds like a speed up version of a song that would have been on Springsteen’s Nebraska, while “Same Disease,” with its beautiful background vocals and whip smart lyrics is likely to be one of those songs fellow musicians name check as one they would have loved to have written.

 Coming in at an even dozen tracks, the only bad thing about Hause’s new record is that fans of his punk band are going to have to wait a little while longer for any new material.

 DOWNLOAD: “The Great Depression,” “Father’s Son” and “Same Disease”


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